Factice was invented in Europe in the mid-19th century. And it is said that a technology of manufacturing factice was introduced to Japan in the early 20th century.
In the rubber industry, factice has been used more than 150 years as a very unique compounding ingredient, although the role of it is changing from substitute of natural rubber to processing aid of natural and synthetic rubbers.

Seiichi Yokoi, the founder of Tenma Factice MFG,CO.,LTD., learned the production technology of factice and founded Tenma Factice Factory in Osaka in 1935.
Since then, he spent all of his life to spread factices in Japan.

Hajime Yokoi, the second president, developed various new products which the customer really needed. He also tried to suggest rubber engineers how to use factices. In addition, with a view to coming 21st century, he built a cutting-edge plant at Ono-city, Hyogo, in 1991. Furthermore, it was expanded in 1997 and it became the leading plant in Asia.

We will correspond the changes in the global framework and high functionalization of materials, and never forget our responsibility for environment. We will continue to make every effort to develop valuable products for customers. We look forward to your continuous support.

Akiko Houki